Les Fleurs du Mal

C’est un cri répété par mille sentinelles,
Un ordre renvoyé par mille porte-voix;
C’est un phare allumé sur mille citadelles,
Un appel de chasseurs perdus dans les grands bois!


FRIDAY JUNE 7 – 8.30pm

* No accessible for people with reduced mobility




Mélanie Loisel

After many years of creating documentaries, Melanie Loisel devoted herself to music. Base player of essentially classical training, she embarked on improvised music and discovered other routes of musical exploration.

With multidisciplinary artist Fabien Delisle she created the piece Crane Cru.

In 2018 she created AU SEUIL, a ritual concert based on traditional funeral music, with soprano Mathilde Barthelemy.

Melanie further develops her music within theatre and dance companies. As a musical interpreter, she joined the duo of contemporary music GRANDE in 2022, for extended performances.

She collaborates occasionally with the ensemble of Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy, Tachycardie, and is currently exploring new collaborations, always on the edge between improvisation and established scores. Since 2021, Melanie Loisel composed Borgueful, her first solo project for base and voice, whose composition spans multiple researches and inspirations.

The album ‘Horst’ was published in October 2022 by the labels Pagans Records and La République des Granges.


Manuel Duval

Musician, artist, researcher within France Sauvage, Rien Virgule, among other groups.

Creator of sound and music for the company Andrea Cavale, Manuel Duval also founded the label La République des Granges in Dordogne, which has edited several albums of an inventive and adventurous esthetic.

He is also sound engineer for numerous live and studio projects.





GABRIEL FAURÉ Trio op. 120



A trio from Bordeaux created in 2022 with violin, cello and piano.

Initially Emmanuelle, Yann and Guillaume worked together on score readings (Turina, Roussel, Schubert), and later launched themselves in sharing this incredible repertory.

The piano trio is for them a very strong grouping, which mirrors life’s ideal: between the dynamism of childhood and perpetual amazement of a parent.

Emmanuelle Faure

Emmanuelle Faure studied cello in the Conservatoire du Centre de Paris and then in the Conservatoire Royal in Brussels. She obtained the Diplome D’Etat (teaching) in Bordeaux in 2007.

As a cellist she worked in different ensembles, classical, baroque and jazz. She plays regularly in orchestras of the Nouvelle Aquitaine region (ONBA, OPPB). She particularly loves projects of mixed aesthetics and collaborates frequently in productions of theatre (Cie Les 13 Lunes, Cie du Pont Tournant) and dance. She teaches cello at the music school in Talence.

Yann Brebbia

Originally from Yvelines, he studied in Versailles and Bordeaux. He teaches chamber music in the Bordeaux Conservatory, and violin in the Marmande Conservatory for 20 years. He plays solo violin with the Orchestre des Symphonistes of Aquitaine, the ensemble Taconné, the Orchestra of Hauts-de-Garonne/Polifonia with Eliane Lavail, and the Cathedra (Maîtrise de Bordeaux, Alexis Duffaure).

Cosolo second violins in the Orchestra Pau Pays de Bearn, supplementary violinist in the Bordeaux Opera, invited by Stella Montis. He plays with Guillaume Flamen, Julie Leroux and more recently with Philippe Wyatt on the piano, member of Petit Quatuor Urbain (Alain Rémus, oboe,

Marie-Laure Prioleau, alto et Emmanuelle Faure, cello), with whom he also plays in the string quartet.

Guillaume Flamen

Pianist, composer, tenured vocal director in the Bordeaux Conservatory. His experience extends from vocal/ instrumental and piano recital, and chamber music, to choir rehearsal of the Bordeaux Opera (under the direction of Jacques Blanc or Alexander Martin) and vocal director for the Metz Opera.

Since January 2017, he is also pianist of the Groupe Vocal Arpege, under the direction of Jacques Charpentier. His career path is also marked by concerts of amplified music, music for the stage and soundscapes for live performance.

SUNDAY JULY 21 – 5pm




Musical reading

extraits de

“La maison de Claudine”


A woman of letters, of free-spirited attitude and morals, Colette was a journalist, music-hall artist, drama critic and novelist. She lived many lives in one with great gusto, and was admired by Proust, Andre Gide, Jean Cocteau, for her sensual writing celebrating nature, childhood, and relationships. She knew Debussy, Ravel, Poulenc, Satie, and it is the music of these composers that accompany the reading of extracts from La Maison de Claudine. 

Suzanne Robert

Actor who presented FIP at Radio France, proposes an interpretation at once intense, funny and tender of the writings of Colette.

Françoise Robert

Musician, student of pianist Eliane Richepin, is dedicated to teaching and accompaniment of lyric singers and actors.



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