The ‘Fêtes Galantes du Ségur’ invite you to rediscover a time and place where Music and Poetry are One.

There is no debate on which one supersedes the other; both belonged to each other since ancient times, and their union created the Art of the Opera.

Come celebrate music that moves and inspires us…

… and ‘Galantes’ because they will open a window to souls and landscapes…
Here, in our ‘Little Tuscany’, the region of Entre-deux-Mers.

Our partners

Nathalie Charcosset

25 le Bourg Nord
33540 Landerrouet sur Ségur
Finaliste IGPOTY Awards
Compétition 15 (2022)
“Black and White”



Mairie – Le Bourg Nord
33540 Landerrouet-sur-Ségur

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